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Frequently Asked Questions




  1. What browsers are recommended for use with CalypsoNet and My CalypsoNet?

    Generally CalypsoNet and My CalypsoNet support the most recent versions of:
    - Google Chrome®
    - Mozilla Firefox®
    We recommend that you always use the latest version of a supported browser.
    If you want to download or update your browser, please follow one of the following links:
    - Google Chrome®
    - Mozilla Firefox®


  1. What is CalypsoNet?

    CalypsoNet enables travel agents to make online reservations with travel wholesalers who use the Calypso Travel System.

  2. Is CalypsoNet free to use?

    Yes. CalypsoNet is free for travel agents to use.

  3. Is CalypsoNet open to the public?

    No. CalypsoNet is for travel agents and travel suppliers with Calypso wholesaler access codes and passwords.

  4. Can I use My CalypsoNet to access New Zealand wholesalers?

    No. At this stage My CalypsoNet only provides access to Australian wholesalers. New Zealand wholesalers will be added soon.

  5. Can I access all travel industry wholesalers through CalypsoNet?

    CalypsoNet only provides travel agents with access to travel wholesalers who use the Calypso Travel System.

  6. How do I obtain a wholesaler login?

    Travel agents must contact wholesalers directly to obtain a wholesaler login.

  7. What types of wholesalers are on CalypsoNet?

    You will find worldwide, niche and destinational travel and tourism wholesalers.

  8. Who is the "Supplier Access" tab for?

    The "Supplier Access" tab is for travel suppliers who supply products to Calypso travel wholesalers. This tab gives suppliers secure online access to manage their products.

My CalypsoNet

  1. What is My CalypsoNet?

    My CalypsoNet is a management system for travel agents. It provides a centralised login to all the wholesalers' CalypsoNet accounts set up in the user's My CalypsoNet account.

    Wholesalers can be made active by adding them to the account, or inactive by removing them from the account. All active wholesalers can be accessed by the user without the need to separately login to them.

  2. Is My CalypsoNet free to use?

    Yes. My CalypsoNet is free for travel agents to use.

  3. How can I obtain a My CalypsoNet account?

    Register for My CalypsoNet at this page. Fill in the registration form and you will receive the password to your new My CalypsoNet account within the next few minutes in your provided email inbox.

  4. What if we have one email address for our office?

    My CalypsoNet is set up for individual access and thus will not work for those who share a common office email address.

    We suggest you use your personal email address (i.e. yahoo or hotmail) to establish a My CalypsoNet account - your password will also be sent to this email address. Alternatively, enquire with your IT department about the possibility of getting a personal email account.

    Note: The email address you use to sign up with My CalypsoNet will not be used by wholesalers to communicate with you. Your wholesalers will use the same email address they have always used to communicate with you.

  5. Can I use my existing wholesaler logins in My CalypsoNet?

    Yes. My CalypsoNet uses your existing CalypsoNet wholesaler login details.